Happy new year?

29th December 2012

The turkey's been eaten, the presents unwrapped and as many, I'm sure, are breathing a sigh of relief that Christmas is over, our thoughts turn to the new year. Are you looking forward to it with enthusiasm and anticipation? Or a sense of fear and dread? Are staffing levels sufficient in your unit or do you feel it'll be another 12 months of firefighting with birth rates rising and complexities too? Is your trust opting out of Agenda for Change with your terms and conditions under threat? What about reconfigurations and merges? Whatever the situation you find yourself in, the RCM will continue to fight your corner and lobby on your behalf from government to trust level, but you must let them know. Please contact the RCM Protect Maternity Services website or feel free to post a comment here on RCM Communities as the site is constantly monitored and, where appropriate, RCM staff will respond.

So whether you are working or not, partying into the small hours or snuggled up on the sofa with a glass of bubbley, I hope the start of 2013 is a happy one.