Support rights for breastfeeding mums

20th March 2013

There are 92 countries that give women a legal right to breastfeeding breaks upon returning to work – this doesn't include the UK. The government wants to allow mothers to share maternity leave with dads and partners from two weeks after the birth, which is a great step for new mums who want to return to work and dads or partners who want to stay at home with the baby. However, the reforms don’t give women the right to breastfeed on return to work. This needs to change.

It is a womans decision whether to breastfeed or not, but they should not have to make a choice between returning to work and breastfeeding. Working mothers should be given the right to breastfeeding breaks and the right to somewhere private (that isn’t a toilet) where they can breastfeed or express milk.

The RCM supports and works with the campaigning group Maternity Action, which has just started a fantastic campaign inviting women to send Jo Swinson, the minister for employment relations and consumer affairs, a Mother’s Day card asking her to support breastfeeding mothers.

We would like RCM members to support this campaign and send a card to Jo Swinson. If enough cards are sent hopefully we will win the statutory right to breastfeed on return to work.

Post your card to:

Jo Swinson MP

Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

1 Victoria Street

London SW1H 0ET

Or tweet to: @JoSwinson (use #breastfeeding and #ValuingMaternity hashtags, if you like)

Alternatively, you can email your Mother's Day wishes to:

And send us an email to let us know you’ve sent a card: