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Using Lucozade for glucose tolerance testing – it doesn't make sense!

We've had the following comment submitted to us:

'I had the test this morning and I was appalled as to getting such a drink. They're supposed to measure glucose intake, and I'm ok with drinking a sugary solution, but this has CAFFEINE and a colourant known to do harm – it's written on the bottle – yet how come doctors find it normal to give that to PREGNANT women? I spend all my time avoiding things that can be harmful for my baby, plus, my eldest daughter is ADHD, you can imagine how completely and utterly shocked I am about this. This ISN'T normal.
In other countries you'd just drink a solution of water and glucose, period. Using Lucozade is downright wrong and dangerous.'

What do you think about this viewpoint? Do you agree?


Lucozade original contains, I believe, 46mg caffeine. The minimum daily 'allowance' is 200mg. I'd be interested to know more about the colourant and your views on the lucozade challenge. I will discuss it with the diabetes midwife specialist.

I have not thought about the additives and colourants, but I have observed that some women have difficulty with toloeratinng it. They are asked to drink a fizzy drink after being nil by mouth, and experience problems with nausea and vomiting. I do not know if it is the fizz or the sugar buzz that causes this? I have been told that the glucose /water drink tastes very sweet. Any view on this from diabetes specialists?

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